Stone Court Farm is hosting the start (and finish) of the 2015 Crop Cycle this Saturday starting at 8 am.  The News-Gazette's coverage of the race is here
Peoria MagazinesStevie Zvereva writes about the transition from farm dream to farm reality.  Here's part of what she has to say about Katie:

“It’s been a busy week with everyone suddenly having their babies all at once,” Kenney laughs, answering her phone from a goat pen, where she’s tending to multiple sets of twin kids.

Read the whole thing.--MSV
We've spent the weekend winterizing the farm for tomorrow's near historic cold snap, providing the animals with new fresh bedding to snuggle in, heat lights where needed, etc.  Here's farm President Katie Kenney after winterizing (with Vaseline) the comb and wattles of our rooster (and Vice President) Del Biden.
Check out this great profile of Katie from Central Illinois Farm Beginnings, including pictures of the whole family and a number of our animals. --MSV


    Katie, Michael, and Del will keep you updated on the latest goings on here at Stone Court.


    August 2013